I'm a Senior Software Engineer at and work with both front-end and back-end technologies.

From 2004-2012 I was a Software Engineer and Solution Architect for Nokia and subsequenty Nokia Siemens Networks (following a merger).

I have worked on numerous innovative projects developing user-friendly, (primarily) web-based interfaces, in many areas of Telecoms, from network optimisation and configuration management to data warehousing and customer experience management.

I can be contacted through LinkedIn as well as many other social networking sites (including Twitter)


I release a lot of my personal development projects as Open Source projects on GitHub.

The most notable of my projects is the Mobile Barcoder Firefox Extension, with almost 100,000 downloads, and over 10,000 active users per day.


Besides the platform that powers my blog, I have a couple of web services under development:

  • GeoFlickr - A Flickr retroactive geotagging service, using Dopplr and GPS Tracker logs as location data.
  • Tracker - A personal GPS tracker and location sharing service (redundant after Google Latitude release).
  • Online Skyding Logbook - A service I developed while running my university's skydiving club in 2002. It allows skydivers to record and share their jump details.


Although I have only basic verbal skills in French, German, Spanish and Finnish, the number of programming and scripting languages I am 'fluent' in is high, including PHP, C#, SQL, BASH, XML, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML. Although I know (and use) SED, AWK, Java and Ruby on Rails, I wouldn't call myself entirely fluent (yet).

Recently I have been picking up Flex (including ActionScript) in order to develop Air and Flash applications.

Other notables

I am fully versed with all modern operating systems, using Windows (desktop) and Linux (servers) at work and Macs and Linux machines at home.

From my love for collaboration and productivity, I've taken a liking for Agile (SCRUM) and Lean techniques when working in teams.