S60 3.0 (3rd Edition) apps I use

I've had a Nokia E70 for a little while now, and have been asked by friends and colleagues what software there is, so here's my rundown on the best (free) apps I've found.

After being quized at work by many people for the applications they should download for their new N80/Eseries phone, I've compiled a list of the applications I have used. All of the applications listed are free, but I may post another list soon with useful commercial applications.

If you use anything that I've not listed let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to have a look :o)

Useful/Entertaining applications

A nicer, easier to use calculator than the pre-installed application

News aggregator/widgets app. View my review here

Nokia Mobile Search
Yellow pages (and others) search app Eseries aren't listed, so you have to choose another S60 3.0 phone, like the N80, N91, or N93

Nokia Podcasting
Allows the subscription of podcasts and because of the Wireless LAN feature on most S60 3.0 devices it will download over your broadband connection. Now there's no excuse to miss an episode of TWiT.

Nokia Internet Radio
Although the configuration has to be done by editing a file manually, and the UI could be improved, the application works, and enables the streaming of AAC and MP3 internet radio stations. The only thing missing is Realaudio support for the BBC Radio streams, but you should be able to do that with the pre-installed Realplayer.

Photo uploader/tagger. Useful if you upload your photos to the web (Flickr/Kodak Easyshare/etc)


Snakes - The 3D one


Other sites to look at

All About Symbian
All about Symbian has a section dedicated to S60 3.0 applications, and this link is to the filtered list which shows only free applications.


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