Site Update: RSS 'fixed'... bigger sidebar?

Some people prefer the whole story to be downloaded using RSS, instead of the story summary. Also a request for comments about the size of my blog's sidebar.

I decided that it was time to update a couple of things on my blog, and one of the things I've changed is the RSS feeds. I fixed a couple of little bugs in the script that creates it and I have now changed it so that the full story is sent in the 'description' part of the feed, so you'll get all the content from my site instead of just the summary.

Would you prefer my blog's main page to contain the full post, or do you like the brevity of just having the summaries?

Sidebar size

When I first designed my blog I wanted it to be pretty minimalist, but still with a few features here and there. I knew I needed a sidebar, but I tried to make it as narrow and unobtrusive as possible, but with the amount of 'badges' (images/flash objects other sites provide to put on blogs) now requiring around 200px width I'm thinking about making my sidebar compatible with this size content.

What do you think of this? I've had my Xbox Live Gamertag in the top corner for a while, and this would then fit into the side instead.

If you don't have a Google+ account you can comment using the normal comment form below

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In my spare time I'm an avid new technology fan, and constantly strive to find innovative uses for the new gadgets I manage to get my hands on. Most recently I've been investigating Mobile Codes, RFID and Home automation (mainly Z-Wave). With a keen eye for usability I'm attempting to create some cost-effective, DIY technology solutions which would rival even high-end retail products. The software I develop is usually released as Open Source.

I have a Finnish geek partner, so have begun the difficult task of learning Finnish.

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