Android App: Conference Call Dialer

After a week of my first android application being in the Market, an introduction to the app itself.

My application has gotten off to a great start in the Android Market. Over 100 downloads and over 65% active installations. So, what does the app do?

Well, it's a pretty simple application in the grand scheme of things. It just stores sets of numbers in a database, displays them as if they were contacts. The numbers relate to conference room numbers and PINs, and with a single tap on an item in the list, the phone starts dialing the preconfigured conference switchboard/bridge number and types in the right numbers to access the room, including pauses and hash key presses.

I haven't taken any screenshots of the app, since it's not very pretty, and it really is pretty simple, but I may add some more with later versions if I add some more complex elements.

Like many small applications, I made it to 'scratch my own itch', so that I wouldn't have to add several 'voice conference' contacts to the standard Contacts app, instead I could keep a completely separate list dedicated to conferences.

You can get information about installing the application over on my new Android microsite.

For anyone wondering, the test conferencing system (which is the only one I can currently say it works for consistently) is Elisa Finland's voice conference service. The numbers are completely customisable though, so don't let that stop you trying it out, it should work fine with your provider too.

The code is released as open source, and you're welcome to take it, use it in any way you like, and if you make any good additions to it, let me know and I'll put them in the official release. If you don't know how to code, you can still suggest new features, or tell me about any bugs you might encounter


This is a great application. I recommend you all to try this.
Thursday 12 August 2010 15:19 | user icon conference call
Just just a novice here, and new android user --Captivate Android 2.1.....
after many years of palm treo.... before Pre, and most recently for the past 2 years the very nice E71 unlocked.

I must say the Android user experience so far is fast and fairly clean, not as complicated as Nokia.

Would appreciate your thoughts/feasibility on developing an android list/call automatic dialer app that would leverage Google Voice for dialing --in sequence-- a roster of phone numbers to deliver voice messages from the phone/google contacts list---say up to 100 in sequence for small organizations and home use.

Currently many fee based sophisticated web/cloud dialers exist such as These utilize sophistcated web based telecom infrastructure and can push out 100s of custom voice messages in minutes. They offer many options and render reports. Nice but pricey for small occasional users.

Such an android app would simply connect with the user's google voice number and dial and connect with US numbers one by one in sequence and deliver a brief voice recording to each and automatically hang up...and process through each call until all delivered or attempted up to ..say.. 3 times. Then generate an brief email report of successful completions to the user when concluded.

This app could fetch a nice one time price when compared to the typical fee based services. The best thing would be that it would be mobile based and allow the user to quickly designate 5, 10, 20, or 30 numbers very quickly, record a voice message, and send all in a few minutes for sending out a last minute change, update , or reminder.

No such mobile app currently exists to my knowledge. There are some text dialers i think, but with the roll-out of google voice taking care of the telecom part, it seems this might now be feasible.

What think ye?

Thursday 26 August 2010 14:25 | user icon Dave Snyder
Really great idea. Not alot of options in this nitch. Thanks for the cool free app. Much appreciated.
Tuesday 14 September 2010 02:18 | user icon Elvis
From android application we need to make call means we can use this code
Monday 14 March 2011 11:17 | user icon Android
Hi Dave,

I read your post. There is a very cheap however extremely effective dialer exists that would serve the purpose you are looking for. The dialer will make 100s of calls with one touch of a button one by one, like call center dialer. This tool is ideal for any mobile sales person on the go or for anyone who needs to make 100s of call withing short span of time to a selected list of contacts w/o punching any contacts.

Take a look at the youtube demo and description:

Friday 13 May 2011 12:23 | user icon Anjul Katare
I have downloaded and run this app
Can any one help me please - how to operate onthis application
Wednesday 4 April 2012 08:26 | user icon hiren
Can some one point to me a source code which does Voice encryption when call is made from one android phone to another one, each having encryption / decrytion software installed on it; software based on this code.
Monday 25 June 2012 12:22 | user icon nilesh
hello sir
can you put an example for us
what is local access no. ,what is PIN and conf no
please give a exaple for this app
thanks in advns.
Monday 22 April 2013 07:08 | user icon Sukhpal\
Sorry for not including an example. I hadn't intended for a lot of people to want to use the app.

The 'local access number' is the phone number you call to get into the conference call switchboard, eg. +441234567890

The app will wait for that number to pick up before it starts sending the DTMF codes to get access to the conference channel.

The conference number would be the room/channel dedicated to the conference call. eg. 123456

The PIN is the number you are prompted for when you try to access the conference channel. eg. 1111

All together this adds up to a process like so:
1. Dial +441234567890 and wait for answer
2. Send DTMF for 123456 and then #
3. Wait 2 seconds
4. Send DTMF for 1111 and then #
Friday 26 April 2013 00:10 | user icon Duncan Sample

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